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About Jane Callen |

When challenges arise, how do we meet them? My therapeutic approach draws on 15 years of experience as a first responder and disaster worker. I work in partnership with clients and utilize a strengths-based approach. This empowers clients to identify and cultivate their strengths in order to meet challenges with resilience and steadiness. I place a high value on the therapeutic partnership and honor that relationship by listening carefully and respectfully, with the ear of the heart. 


Areas of interest include but are not limited to trauma and hospice/grief. 


With proper support, difficult events can become portals to growth. This can be achieved through the skillful application of therapeutic tools to nourish and leverage our innate strengths so that we can begin to move toward wellness. 


Poet Mary Oliver asked, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Therapy can help us to live fully and in the present, liberated from fear. 



Jane is Licensed in both the state of Maryland as well as the District of Columbia

She can be reached directly at: