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Abba Florans, MSW, LMSW
Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Educator

About Abba


Abba has been a clinical social worker since 2016 and works with a variety of clients seeking support in different areas.

Abba has found that he gets much enjoyment from working with adolescents through young adults.

Whether they come to Abba with Anger Management, Anxiety, ADHD, or other concerns/conditions- Abba is ready to roll up his sleeves and begin to work.

Abba brings many strengths to his clients which include a strength-based clinical approach, active listening, as well as parent coaching.

Abba has his LCSW-C. 


Deborah Meisel, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C, is Abba's direct supervisor at TMA.

  • Adult Therapy
    55 Minutes $250 We are a team! We will work together to identify and meet your goals. My approach is solution-focused therapy, always building on your personal strengths. The key is feeling empowered to take the next steps to address our challenges at hand.
  • Adolescent Therapy
    55 Minutes $250 Working with teens is a fine balance! They are independently minded and on the cusp of adulthood, yet still navigating their way out of childhood. It's an important time to build on their strengths, build confidence, assist them to be insight-oriented and feel empowered to build their future!
  • Couple Therapy
    55 Minutes $250 Partnerships and committed relationships are both fulfilling and challenging! Our goal is to honestly address the challenges and improve communication together. Acknowledgment and validation is key. When the truth is articulated, our goal is to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. It is at that time that you and your partner will feel more connected & appreciated. Our goal is to breakdown resentment, allow doubt to fade, support intimacy and create space to have fun and laugh together.
  • Family Therapy
    80 Minutes $350 Family dynamics have the potential to be complicated. Relationships have many layers. How do we untangle the complications? Build stronger communication? Gain comfort with honesty? Bringing everyone to the same space is both a commitment and an accomplishment! Now let’s get started...
  • Initial Intake
    80 Minutes $350 It's time to unfold your story It's essential that I understand your stressors, strengths, and goals. The session requires more time as we start our process together. Gathering information is essential, yet it is equally important that we get started on understanding and thinking strategically about what made you reach out initially!
  • Social Work Licensing Supervision
    60 Minutes $100 This 1:1 session is for a person who is in need of supervision to become a Licensed Social Worker in the District of Columbia or the state of Maryland. Ms. Meisel also has a Group Supervision session that she offers.
  • Guidance
    Please Read​ *Off-site (i.e local hospitals, home visits, etc) are considered based on need and location. Weekend and evenings appointments are available When setting up an initial appointment use the contact form or e-mail |Operations | Appointments must be canceled within 48 hours in advance or rescheduled to not incur the full charge of the session (missed appointments, clients will be given 3 days to make up). ​ Insurance-TMA is out of network-TMA provides a comprehensive invoice to their clients each month that is accepted by most insurance firms, FSA, & HSA plans.
  • Additional Information
    Please Read​ Deborah G. Meisel has been a practicing licensed therapist for more than 25 years. ​ She is licensed in Washington, D.C. & the state of Maryland. Deborah graduated from the University of Washington in 1996 with a Masters in Social Work. ​ Deborah's licenses include a LICSW & and LCSW-C. Notable roles that Deborah has held include: Associate Professor at Brown University Medical School Clinical Social Worker for cancer at Women & Infants Hospital National speaker for Eli Lilly on cancer, patient, & treatment Manager, Social Services ( Families ) Manager, School-Based Prevention (Crisis) Associate Director-National Children's Residential Services
  • Clinical Hours
    Deborah sees clients based on the below days/hours (exceptions are made for special/individual circumstances) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday | 10am to 8pm Wednesday | 9am to 6pm Saturday | 10am to 3pm Sessions are either in person, by zoom, phone, or face-time
  • Head of Operations | David Meisel
    David Meisel is our head of operations. He has been with TMA (The Meisel Associates) since the beginning. David has been in the Technology, Media & Healthcare space for over 30 years and is proud to be a part of TMA's operations. David's role is to help ensure the clinicians are able to do what they do best - meet with our patients/clients. Our clinicians are CTO's- "Chief Talent Officers"- it is their training, skills, education, & experience that has our clients so appreciative of their time, and as is David's role to ensure that our clinicians are able to focus on one client/patient. David's background: BFA- Sculpture & Printmaking- University of Iowa Art & Sociology - Lawrence University Spanish, Art & Sociology - University of San Diego- Guadalajara, Mexico Campus Work towards masters in Adult Education- Curriculum Design- Leveraging Multi-Media- Western Washington University David's Employers have included: Microsoft - Windows Media Player, Windows 2000, Professional Services Real Networks-World Wide Professional Services, College Recruitment, & World Wide Sales CIBER- Head of Professional Services - Medical, Banking, Insurance, Media, & Technology The Art Institute of Seattle - Head of Student Advancement for the schools of Industrial Design, Interior Design, & the Music, Video, & Business Clients have included: Pew Charitable Trusts Blue Cross Blue Shield RBS Citizens Bank Hasbro Toy Company RBS World Pay Amerigroup Quiksilver Columbia Sportswear SFMOMA National Gallery of Arts Edwards Life Sciences David's community volunteering includes: WAMU's (Washington's NPR Station) Community Board Member representing the Montgomery County Maryland Geography & is Co-owner of Reach For The Wall, To contact David directly please text-202.403.4811 or e-mail
  • Cyber Security
    The Meisel Associates (TMA) uses various electronic tools in the course of business. Should you have interest or concerns of the software, applications, or other electronic tools that we use in the course of day to day business practice please do reach out to David Meisel- Head of Operations at: In 2023 all active clients will be asked to sign a document that has clients understand the extent of electronic tools that TMA uses in the course of business. Should the client be under the age of 18...parents/guardians will be asked to review and sign this document.
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